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Highlights of the Rhine

For centuries, travellers have been navigating the bends of the Rhine in order to explore its historic sights and spectacular scenic views and after the briefest of glances at a few of its top stops it isn’t hard to understand the enduring popularity of cruises in this part of the world. Rhine cruises are available from a variety of sources, including high street travel agents, promotions in newspapers and magazines and online travel resources such as If you’ve been saving up for a Rhine cruise over the years and are about to bite the bullet, here’s a quick look at a few highlights you can start to look forward to prior to departure:

For many, the highlight of any cruise along the Rhine is the magnificent castles of Germany. These romantic, fairytale structures never fail to capture the hearts and imaginations of visitors passing through and their immaculate preservation means that we should be enjoying their beauty for centuries more to come. At 700 years old, Marksburg castle in the Koblenz and Rudesheim region forms the pinnacle of many Rhine cruisers’ adventures.

Another memorable stop is further north into Holland when the boat finally docks at the buzzing city of Amsterdam. Many people visit the Dutch capital in order to take a closer look at cultural treasures such as the Van Gogh museum, the Reichs museum and Anne Frank’s house. Few expect to be bowled over by the simple elegance of the city and its easy going vibe. Amsterdam is truly a city for relaxation and refreshment, particularly in the summer when outdoor dining and drinking is all part of the experience.

And last but not least, the perfect end to your cruise comes in the form of the slightly sleepier town of Antwerp. As a big university city, it should come as no surprise to learn that Antwerp’s premier pastime is sitting in stylish cafés sipping espressos and indulging in various Dutch sweet treats. Once you’ve refuelled, however, be sure to see Antwerp’s Lady Cathedral where you can find all four of Rubens’ famous painted alter pieces.

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