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Expedia's infographic about airports in Europe

Expedia's new infographic reveals cost of parking at European airports

Expedia's new infographic about airports in Europe has collected many pieces of information about twelve leading European airports to make life easier for the traveller. One set of information within this infographic is the comparative cost of airport parking, which is vital information for the traveller. Car parking can be a major additional cost when flying, and at some airports it's possible for parking to cost the traveller more than their flights.

Unfortunately, none of the twelve airports listed by Expedia offer free parking to travellers, but there is a considerable difference in the amounts they charge, which can be a major consideration when booking flights departing from one of these airports.

The most expensive airport for parking is Arlanda airport in Stockholm, where you can expect to pay the equivalent of 7.50 for an hour's parking. Following that, the next most expensive is Heathrow airport in London, which is slightly cheaper at just 6.80 for an hour's parking. Arlanda is also relatively far from the city it serves, lying 44km from Stockholm, which means that getting to and from the airport, whether by car or public transport, can be particularly expensive.

The other ten airports are much cheaper than these two, with the next most expensive being Copenhagen, where an hour's parking costs the equivalent of 3.90, almost half the amount you'd pay for the same facility in Stockholm. Most of the other airports charge similar amounts: an hour at Oslo Gardermoen will cost 3.80, Madrid and Dublin both charge 3.75, while you'll pay 3.30 at Amsterdam Schipol or Rome.

Only four of the featured airports charge under 3 an hour. You'll pay 2.90 for an hour's parking at any of Brussels, Vienna or Berlin Tegel airports, but the cheapest airport for parking is Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Here, one hour's parking will cost you just 2, meaning you can spend almost four hours parked there for the same price you'd pay for an hour's parking at Arlanda or Heathrow.

This Expedia infographic shows that parking charges can vary widely across different airports and travellers should check carefully how much they'll be paying, as otherwise you could face a rather surprising charge when you get to the airport to park your car.

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